Ramil Gasimov

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Personal information:

Hi! I am Ramil Gasimov. I have been living in Canada since 2007. I have graduated from high school in Victoria, BC, Canada. Throughout my childhood, I have always been that kid with creative ideas. I was always interested in learning new things and doing different sports, such as playing Soccer, Basketball, and Chess. I have always been interested in mixed martial arts as well. Before I moved to Canada, I used to do Karate, and then I switched to Greco Roman Wrestling. In 2009 I joined the Zuma Mixed Martial Arts here in Victoria, and trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Grappling, and Kick Boxing. I was always the hyperactive kid, so I had to do something with my energy somehow, so I joined a Soccer team where we used to come together with friends from the community and play soccer on Saturdays. One of my favorite activities is camping. Therefore I love to be out in the woods camping during long weekends. These activities keep me active and foster my creativity.

Professional Life:

After high school, my work life has been very intense, so I have not been able to do any of the activities mentioned above; however, even today, I find myself always doing research and looking for new things, getting inspired by them, and trying to add my ideas, onto it, and applying them in real life.

I have mostly been interested in working in the private sector. Therefore, I decided to study Business Administration. So I applied for Camosun College and got into BBA program specialized in Accounting. I believe that anybody who works in the private sector should have an understanding of Accounting regardless of his/her position or regardless of which department he/she works for. Besides, understanding of fundamentals of Finance and Accounting, such as how money works, how the cash flow, etc., works is a lifelong asset that would be a great help in our everyday life as well. However, just like I mentioned before, I have always had different/creative ideas ever since I was a kid. Therefore, I started learning WordPress/Webdesign and digital marketing.

Purpose of this website:

Years ago, when I used to say that soon people will have the option to work from the convenience of their homes or work from wherever they are comfortable, some of my friends, including my family members, disagreed with me. Today in 2020, we all get to work from home. All we need is a laptop and the internet connection. We do different activities online such as shopping, learning, working, training, etc. In short, we do most of the professional and daily life activities from home. Therefore, I decided to create this website because I predict that applying for jobs through resumes or cover letters will not be enough in the future. Companies will look for new assets; they will need to know more about you before the interview. For example, in my resume, if I claim to be able to create websites, they will want to see its application through the personal website I have created.

Also, I believe in the importance and value of lifelong learning and sharing this knowledge with others. That is why, I will be writing blog posts regarding my fields of interests and sharing my knowledge and skills, hoping to help those who read them and contribute to their success.